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About Sozopol Tour Ltd.

Sozopol Tour Ltd. is an incoming travel agency created in 2004 in the town of Sozopol. The main objective of the organization is development of the culture, historical, pilgrimage and nature tourism in Bulgaria, and especially in the town of Sozopol. It is creating great trips and following through with pitch perfect logistics is the soul of our company. The agency offers its services to travel professionals and groups travelling to Bulgaria.

Sozopol Tour Ltd. will take care of all services for your groups and individual travellers, from a warm welcome at the airport to the last day of their stay, such as:

  • Housing: in hotels from 1 to 5 stars, boarding houses or private accommodations.
  • Transportation: by bus, minibus, rental car with or without drivers.
  • Guides: multilingual guides, translators, expert speakers, as well as logistics and support teams for incentive groups and events.
  • Restaurants: from packed lunches to gourmet dinner, you can count on us.
  • Ticketing: for museums, monuments, concerts, shows, etc.
  • Activities: touristic and other; thematic groups and professional visits with specific interests.
  • Helpline: we will always be there for your customers all throughout their stay.
  • Customer satisfaction: we monitor customer satisfaction and feedback to constantly improve our services.

Since 2004, Sozopol Tour Ltd. has striven to become the local partner of choice for southeast Europe for all travel professionals. Customers can depend on a reliable and experienced team. From the headquarters of the agency in Sozopol, Bulgaria, the company is spearheading the idea of a sustainable, responsible and quality form of tourism. Sozopol Tour Ltd. also choose to offer the best destinations in the fields of culture, nature and well-being.

All of our employees are English speakers and for your ease and comfort all communications with us can be in English. Our services are specifically tailored to accomodate travel professionals, legitimately requiring expert advice and knowledgeable about travel.

Part of the objectives of the travel agency in the town of Sozopol which are strictly observed:

  • Management and maintenance of Architectural and Historic Complex “Southern Fortress Wall and Tower” in the city of Sozopol. Important part of Sozopol Tour Ltd. activities is the stewardship and regular maintenance of the complex and the facilities for people with disabilities in and around the complex.
  • Negotiation and signing of contracts with tour operators for organizing of visits of tourists groups in Sozopol.
  • Preservations of the local traditions and crafts, by inclusion of local folklore and dancing groups in the presentation of Architectural and Historic Complex “Southern Fortress Wall and Tower” and Archeological reserve “Ancient city of Apolonia”.
  • Negotiations and signing of contracts with local producers for manufacturing and sales of souvenirs and authentic local products in Architectural and Historical complex “Southern Fortress Wall and Tower”, for example wines, landscape painting of Sozopol, souvenirs, etc.
  • Maintaining of good partner relationships with different suppliers of tourist services and promotion of their activities: accommodation, food, recreation, transport.
  • Training of guides and conducting of organized tours with them in the complex, in the Archeological reserve “Ancient city of Apolonia”, islands of St. Ivan and St. Peter.
  • Organization of various events: cocktails, press conferences, exhibitions, concerts, dancing performances, weddings, etc.

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