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Denatravel Viajes

Denatravel Viajes

Denatravel is a touristic tour operator, outgoing and incoming, specialised in groups since 1993, whose main office is located in Barcelona (Spain).

We have organised a lot of trips for all kinds of groups (adults, students, companies, etc) with travelling programmes tailor made to each one depending on their budget and interests.

Programmed destinations are practically all Europe’s countries and our catalogue of proposals is very wide and varied. All the activities have a cultural and experience component and they always look for the cohesion of the group.

We specifically attend the needs of people with some kind of physical or sensorial disability so that all transport services, accommodation and activities are not a barrier and they can enjoy their trip as much as the rest of participants.

Between our customers there are groups in which some person has a disability and also groups from centres or partnerships where everyone has a disability.

With STRING project, we start a new line of experiential trips without barriers to individuals that do not like or cannot travel in groups.