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Fondazione CRT- Cassa di Risparmio di Torino


Fondazione CRT originated from Cassa di Risparmio di Torino in 1991, inheriting its name as well as its philanthropic mission. The institution was set up in the context of the Italian banking sector transformation of the early 90s, when the legislator started the privatization process of public savings banks and credit institutions,thus separating credit from philanthropic activities – the two souls of the economic activity of old public credit institutions.

Fondazione CRT is a private, non-profit organisation with full statutory and management autonomy. Its projects and resources target various sectors: from the preservation and promotion of artistic heritage and cultural activities to scientific research; from education and training to health care and assistance for vulnerable social groups; from civil protection and environmental safeguards to innovation in local institutions and support of economic development.

Over the course of twenty years, Fondazione CRT has diversified and perfected its way of operating, so as to better meet the needs of the community. At the beginning of its work in the Nineties, it funded large and small projects which originated from its area of intervention and in the 2000s, it started developing its own projects.

In recent years, it has also embraced the active philanthropy approach with includes venture philanthropy and impact investment approaches.

Though primarily focussed on its traditional area of intervention – which covers Piedmont and the Aosta Valley - Fondazione CRT also looks beyond its historical boundaries at other national and international non-profit models and experiences.

For Fondazione CRT the interest in Internationalisation has heightened, finding its principle motivation in the belief that comparison on a European and International level are essential in order to be able to offer real opportunities for growth.

It participates in the principal European and international philanthropy networks, developing strategic partnerships to give life to fruitful exchanges of knowledge and experience and create joint initiatives.

Fondazione CRT is an active member of, and is represented within the governing bodies of, the European Foundation Centre (EFC), and the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA).

Within the EFC, Fondazione CRT is also part of the League of Accessible and Historical Cities.

Created in 2010, the League of Historical and Accessible Cities (LHAC) is a pilot project centralised on the accessibility of historic city centres, promoting the development of sustainable tourism and the protection of cultural heritage.

Participation in the League of Historical and Accessible Cities has allowed  Fondazione CRT to create the project Torino Tour 4 All,  a new free touristic-cultural App suitable for people with physical, visual and hearing difficulties.

Fondazione CRT is also committed to publicize  EU programs in its local area through the creation of specific guides and dedicated events.

Fondazione CRT also contributes to development through exporting excellence from the territory and attracting ideas, resources and examples from the international scene.

Fondazione CRT collaborates with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) with whom it develops the project Entrepreneurs for Social Change (E4SC): a training and mentoring to support young social entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean area. A characteristic of the project is the strong attention to interculturality.

Fondazione CRT is the first foundation of banking origins to obtain ECOSOC status at the United Nations.